AML exists to provide solutions that unleash the potential of our clientsí organizations, members and leaders.

We know that associations have busy volunteer leaders who struggle to dedicate time to their professional organization while continuing to advance their careers. AML works exclusively with Boards of Directors who donít want the challenges of having their own association office, unnecessary overhead costs, computer equipment updates, performing day-to-day operations and staffing issues.

We also know that there are paid Executive Directors with their own association office and staff team, who may want to outsource a portion of their associationís services (financial management, meeting planning, etc.). AML works with those associations to determine solutions that reduce time and stress at their office and fit into their associationís budget.

Extend Your Reach with an Association Management Company

Reprinted with permission, copyright July 2011, ASAE, Washington, DC

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IRS Form 990 Compliance and Association Best Practices

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